(picture above is not current litter)

3 Girls and 3 Boys

We have 6 pups all ready to go. 

I would like to say it is rare that we have pups that are not sold as soon as they are born. It does happen but not often. 

Due to the whole house getting covid, I myself and my disabled son Tegan both ended up in the hospital. Tegan had to stay for 2 months. We also had 1 outside family member pass away the same day I went in. I was in just long enough for 3 females to come into heat and get bred, not by choice mind you. Tegan has since come home and has taken a lot of my time.  With that we have pups coming out of our ears because I did not update this page at all. This is something that has never happened before and with an all new fecnced in yard and heated out building I won't have to ever worry again about males getting in with females. Our dogs are still all raised in the house. Our males are in except when there is a female, not on the breeding rotation schedule, in heat.

I am blown away with the demand for pups I am getting. 

We still live by our Motto, Quality over Quantity. 

With that we do not put our females into harms way just to meet the demand. I personally have 3 females, plus we have my fiance female as well as my Daughter has a female so a total of 5 breeding females that we can breed. We have a new male You can see a picture of him on the males page. We are waiting for his paperwork from the UK before his health testing is done. Like our other dogs he needs his DNA done and as soon as the eye and heart clinic comes back into town we will have all the dogs back up to date on that.

Piper had pups 11/08/2021

Paisley had pups 11/18/2021

Autumn had pups 11/18/21

We do have a wait list and it is almost always full.  We will be adding a male this next year and that will open up a new breeding line of 2 other dogs that we have. We will also be adding all their hip testing done. We have DNA on 4 of our current 6 and sending in the DNA on the 2 younger this month. No Eyes and Heart certificates this year as of the Covid we were not able to so will be doing so next May. ‚Äč

Pictures of pups are below as well as a description of cost. 

All of these pups can be sold as pet (limited registration) or for breeding  (full registration). {Prices are in a paragraph below.

Pictures posted below

What to expect 

All Puppies will have their tails docked, dew claws removed and will have all needed shots to travel. If there is anyone who wants an undocked tail, there will be a requirement of a NONREFUNDABLE paid in full by 3 days of age. All money will be cashed and held in a account until puppy has been picked up. (held incase there is an issue of some sort with puppy and in that case all money will be returned)

Payment and Refunds

All puppies must be paid in full before puppy can leave. I do accept money order, cash or Debit/credit (there will be a % charged for credit or debit) If paying with a check it must clear the bank before puppy will be able to leave. Upon agreement puppy contract will be sent via email. In contract will have a return policy that needs to be initialed for verification of acknowledgment. In any case where puppy needs to be returned puppy must see a vet within 1 week of puppy being in your care. Within the time puppy is in your care if you have any questions and/or concerns MUST be addressed immediately by both myself as well as a Vet!

The biggest question asked!

Why the cost? Why so expensive?

Well the truth is a few things. A few questions for you to think about is, what do you consider a back yard breeder or a pet quality breeder verses a breeder who breeds pure breed dogs to be? A lot of people make or breed what is now being called a "designer breed dog" (basically and truthfully a mutt), the average cost of what these "designer breeders" are asking for is $250 to $1,200. (I recently had a gal want to purchase a "pet" male so she could breed him to her poodle. I said first absolutely not! second why would I sell him as a pet? her reply was I won't be able to register him or his pups so why pay for papers. She also informed me that she charges $1,200 for her mixed breed and gets it in a heart beat.)  With that being said alone what should a high quality breeder ask for their pups? The first reason is the health behind the dogs, the quality not the quantity of each dog. Another reason is the AKC standards are upheld, height, weight, and temperament. My dogs have their testing done, DNA, Heart and eyes yearly (except this darn 2020 year as no one would do it) and OFA (when they are 2). 

The cost, in part, helps keep people from just thinking that every dog can be breed. 

A great quality dog is worth the price for you and the time and effort for me.

3 Things about registration

1. Full Registration $35

This means that you get full breeding rights, that you can breed and register any and all pups at your own choice. That you take it upon yourself to understand and know the full responsibility of breeding for the Health and quality of your dogs.

Personally This to me means I sold this dog to you feeling that it is both health and quality of the breed. Not just to make a profit but in good conscience am very pleased with the dog.

Price range $1,800-$2,000 (depends on male/female and or coloring)

2. Limited $35

This means that you can register this pup as an AKC animal. Means that if you choose to breed none of the pups can be registered. This means that even if spayed/neutered this dog it means that you can still participate in AKC Obedience AKC Rally events.

Personally This means to me that I sold you this dog not feeling it is AKC quality or even health wise fit to be fully registerable to breed or reproduce. Yet with AKC papers you can enter AKC events. 

Price range $1,000-$2,000 (depends on male/female and or coloring)

3. No registration $0

This means that we discussed that you choose to not have this dog registered and plan on having dog spayed/neutered. That you are looking for an excellent dog in health and quality of the breed.

Price $1,200 (depends on male/female and or coloring)