This page has been highly asked for and is now under construction.

Give us a bit to gather the information and fine toon it ! 

I will be adding information on people who do American Cocker Spaniel rescues all around the US. This information will be provided by people whom I contact who advertise or state that they have rescued a ACS. My disclaimer here is this. I do NOT know these people. They are people whom either I have been in contact with or whom have contacted me about a rescued dog. I do not know these people personally. Please do your research and ask questions. 

Rescue site

I am posting a site that has a rescue. It is 100% up to you to do your own research. I will help in any way that I can yet I am Not responsible in any way for the condition of the dogs that you are looking into at any of the sites.  

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Picking a pup 

Recently I was asked when I was going to raise a pup for the program. Daisy was our first and I have not saved a pup since. It was a bit harder than I thout it might be. So we are going to try something new. This go around we are going to have a family Pick a pup of their choice, we will raise, spay/neuter, shots, socialize, and do some minor dog obedience. My hope with trying it this way is that you get to pick your pup, you fallow, you pay as time goes along not a huge lump sum, you get pictures and videos and if you are close you get to come visit. We already have a person looking to give this a try out of our next litter. We shall see how this goes. 


Miss Daisy Dew Drop

Daisy is out of Piper and Gibbs

She is an open black merle.

 Daisy sold to a loving home. One of my biggest worries over doing this is how would she fit into a new home. The new family loves her. They did put her into a dog class to help not olny Daisy to adjust but for her new humans to adjust as well. 

I was recently updated and after a short spell of shyness and the added dog obedience class they are all doing very well.  


Mr. Huey 

This young man is a absolute doll. He is a playful ball of fluff and Tough. All boy and all about his toys. Was sitting for his food at 5 weeks old. He is already sold and will be picked up in early August. 

Reason and Price breakdown

‚ÄčThe reason for the price of one of my own pups as an older pup or young adult. First of all this is NOT a rescue dog. I know all about it. I know its parents and their pedigrees. So this dog will be sold starting with the normal pet price. 

Second things that are extra that I will charge for are as fallows the two other sets of puppy shots, rabies shots and kennel cough as well as the big cost of the spay or neuter. These are cost that if you purchased a puppy over the first year you would have to spend anyways these are costs that a responsible owner would have done. Thus the down side is that it is an all at once cost verse over a year cost. 

Third I will not be charging for the time dog has spent here. Like I will not charge for the food, grooming or obedience. The first set of puppy shots are included with the pet price. The perk is I groom all my dogs here. They will be groomed 2 to 3 or more times at $60+ per groom for free. Dog comes potty trained (ALL dogs especially young dogs can and do still have accidents in a new home, however I will go over troubleshooting this issue)  and has minor obedience under belt. Also any thing that happens comes out of my own pocket. Like for example Daisy got a infection from a scratch and it became infected. I pay for that I do NOT add it to the price of the dog. 

The break down 

  • Pet price                                             $1,200
  • Spay/Neuter                                      $350-400

  • 2nd set of shots plus kennel cough     $72

  • 3rd  set of shots plus rabies                 $72

  • TOTAL PRICE       $1,744 +/- 

  • (can be shipped but depending on age cost will have to be decided at that time)