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Give us a bit to gather the information and fine toon it ! 

I will be adding information on people who do American Cocker Spaniel rescues all around the US. This information will be provided by people whom I contact who advertise or state that they have rescued a ACS. My disclaimer here is this. I do NOT know these people. They are people whom either I have been in contact with or whom have contacted me about a rescued dog. I do not know these people personally. Please do your research and ask questions. 

Miss Daisy Dew Drop

Daisy is out of Piper and Gibbs

She is an open black merle.

She was born on 8/8/16. I was thinking of keeping her for maybe breeding yet she is a bit bigger than I would like. So she will be the first of my "raise till she is older" pups. I will add pics along the way. Once old enough I will have her spayed, she will take a obedience class, and she will be raised with other dogs, kids and LOTS of animals.