These are my own dogs these dogs are not for sale! 

Gibbs has had his DNA as well his eyes certified with Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) and heart certified (OFA).

Upon request I will share the info.

Tribute Whats My Rule LJ Gibbs

Gibbs is a Chocolate tri ACS 

Raised on a small farm with many animals and children he is a well rounded guy. With a always wagging tail. 

Gibbs has started his second Obedience class and we have high hopes of his career in Obedience. Fingers crossed he will get his title in this area!   

He is a joy to all he meets and brings a smile to everyone. 

This boy wins so many hearts. He has the softest face and the happiest wags any human could ever ask for. He is always, and I do mean always, a happy dog. I have yet to take him anywhere that he does not become the center of attention. 

Gibbs aka Boo