These are my own dogs these dogs are not for sale!

All of my breeding females have had their DNA as well as their eyes certified with Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) and hearts certified (OFA).

Upon request I will share this info with you.

Whole Latta Carmella Kisses

Carmella is a Open Black Sable ACS

Carmella is a love bug, hates to make anyone upset and will love  on you with the kindest heart. She has a big heart and is by far our shyest girl. Her big brown eyes will melt anyone she meets and her never ending tail says how happy she always is. There is no doubt that she is a mama's girl, and I am ok with that. 

She has won the heart of all of my clients and has a few she loves so much she sits in their lap the whole time they are here. 

Iris in the Willows (Willow)

Willow is our newest girl. She was born June 1, 2019. She is brown and tan and she came over from the Ukraine so while we wait for her to become of age to breed and her paperwork we will have her DNA done.  We have just started conformation classes and look forward to our first show. We are looking forward to getting to know this adorable pup. She already fits in wonderfully has mastered the farm and is proving to be extremely difficult in keeping her in a show coat.